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DIVE CD-ROM for Saxon Geometry 1st Edition Reviews

DIVE CD-ROM for Saxon Geometry 1st Edition

DIVE CD-ROM for Saxon Geometry 1st Edition

  • Video whiteboard lectures teach every lesson in Saxon Geometry step by step from a Christian world view.
  • Easily rewind, fast-forward, and pause to learn at your own pace.
  • When a problem is missed or forgotten, simply click the lesson on the DIVE CD to quickly relearn the concept.
  • Better than an answer, this gives them the opportunity to apply what they just learned
  • Saxon Solutions Manual works every homework problem step by step.

Demo lessons can be viewed on our website at

This CD teaches every lesson in the Saxon Geometry textbook. This new text is part of an ongoing process by Saxon Publishers to remove the integration of algebra and geometry throughout the Saxon program, which is the core of what John Saxon (1923-1996) believed was so important in his curriculum.
Because students earn 1/2 credit of geometry in DIVE+Saxon Algebra 2 and 1/2 credit of geometry is earned in the first 1/3 of DIVE +

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Price: $ 50.99

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